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The Branch Chamber Of Industrial Bread Producers and Confectioner In Bulgaria is employers' society of industrial bakery. It was established on 5 th February 1992 and registered on 2 nd June 1993 as a legal entity with nonprofit purpose. The main office is in Sofia .
The BCIBPCB's members are:
  • industrial bread producers and confectioners /all bread-making plants/. 95 % of them are private;
  • Central Co-operative Union – including regional co-operative unions;
  • Union of Co-operations;
  • Companies /foreign and Bulgarian/ who supply machinery and equipments, raw materials and other material specific to the branch;
  • Scientific institutes and schools;
  • Some of scientific workers in the branch.
  Address: Bulgaria, 1000 Sofia, Bacho Kiro 5 Str., ap. 25, tel. (+359) 889 49 40 40