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Magazine “Bulgarian bread”

Magazine “Bulgarian bread” is a publication of Branch chamber of industrial bread producer and confectionaries in Bulgaria. It is specialized magazine and all members of BCIBPCB - industrial bread producers and confectioners, companies /foreign and Bulgarian/ who supply machinery and equipments, raw materials and other material specific to the branch, scientific institutes and schools become it. BCIBPCB began to publish this magazine in January 2004.

Guidance for good producing and hygienic practices in the industrial
production of bread, bread products and confectionery

Guidance presents a system of basic technological and hygienic rules for work by producing of bread, bread products and confectionery. The rules are relevant to personnel ,rooms, machines, apparatuses, technological equipment, materials, production, technological process, safe system, hygiene, documentation and information security.

Guidance for applying HACCP principles

Guidance has a purpose to introduce leaders, managers and responsible servants in companies for bread production and confectionery the basic principles of HACCP system. The guidance explain in detail and consecutively the stages by development of HACCP plan, its applying and supp